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SD Card Photo Recovery – Recover SD Card Photos after Deleting, Formatting and SD Card Errors

Can You Restore Lost Photos from an SD Card?

With the development of the technology, both digital camera and mobile phone are available for taking photos. Users don’t need to use Film in a digital camera, but the pictures captured will be stored to an SD card. Without any doubt, SD card make it much convenience to save and transfer the precious photos. An SD card can often be used to store thousands of photos or even more, but photos stored on the SD card are also easy to be lost due to various reasons.

Can you restore lost photos from an SD card?
How will photos get lost from an SD card?
What should you do to restore SD card lost photos?
If you have any doubt, keep reading!

Possible Causes for SD Card Photo Loss
* You accidentally delete some of or all precious photos from an SD card without any backup
* You mistakenly press the wrong button and format the SD card on your digital camera or cell phone
* SD card cannot work properly on the camera or mobile phone
* You can unable to access the SD card when connecting it to the PC since it repeatedly pops up an error message: disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now?
* SD card cannot be recognized or detected when plugging it to a computer
* SD card RAW file system
* Other unknown reasons for photo loss from SD card

For the causes above, the deleting and formatting are human errors, while the rest are SD card errors which can be caused by many factors, such as

* SD card is infected with virus
* There are bad sectors on the SD memory card
* Turning off digital camera or cell phone while the SD card is in use
* PC turns off without warning while transferring data from SD card
* Remove or unplug SD card improperly
* More other causes for SD card errors.

How to Recover SD Card Lost Photos?
Perhaps, you know SD card lost photos are recoverable by relying on third-party SD card data recovery program. But it is not enough to only use a program. Before you find out a reliable SD card data recovery program, you should make sure the SD card not suffering from any physical damage. Besides, new data is not allowed to be written to the card. What is more, to perform SD card lost photo recovery, you also need to connect it to a PC. If you can make sure all these things have been done properly, you can use SD card recovery software to restore lost photos from the SD card. As its name shows, SD card recoverysoftware is professional for SD card lost data recovery. It has different recovery modules, so you can have different choice according to causes for SD card photo loss. By using this software, it is totally free for lost photo scanning, previewing and recovering.

Tutorial: How Does SD Card Recovery Software Work?
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)

Steps on how to use the first SD card recovery software

Step1, free download the SD card recovery software and install it on your computer. Connect the SD card to the same computer through a card reader. Then run the software and choose the proper recovery module.
Step2, select the SD card and click "Recover" option and the software will perform a scanning on the selected SD card.
Step3, tick all the partitions and click "Show Files" to view the found files. Preview those found files by double clicking on the icon of those files.
Step4, mark all the photos you need and save them to a path folder. You cannot select the original SD card as destination folder.

Second SD Card Recovery Freeware

Steps on how to use the second SD card recovery software

Step1, plug the SD card into a card reader and connect it to your computer. Free download, install and launch the software. Then select the appropriate recovery module.
Step2, select the drive letter of SD card and click "Start Scan" option.
Step3, the picture below is the process of scanning after which all found files will be listed there
Step4, when scanning is over and restore the photos you need.
Tip: No matter which software you select, you cannot format the SD card when it says SD card errors unless all lost files have been restored.

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