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SD Card Deleted Photo Recovery: Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from a SD Card

Is It Easy to Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card?

Although it is no longer difficult to recover deleted photos from an SD card nowadays, some people still don’t know that deleted photos from SD card can be recovered. Even if the rest people know that the SD card photos are recoverable after deleting, they don’t know how to perform the data recovery. What about you? Do you know that deleted data can be recovered? Do you know how to undelete photos from SD card?

Just like what I said at the beginning, it is not difficult to recover deleted pictures from an SD card no matter you delete the data from SD card on a digital camera, a cell phone or a computer. On the other hand, data loss from SD card occurs every day. Therefore, it is necessary for everybody to learn how to recover deleted photos from an SD card.

Recover Photos from an SD Card with Free Programs
To recover deleted photos from an SD card, you will need,
A computer: in order to recover lost photos, you must
perform the data recovery on a computer.

SD card: you need to connect the SD card to the computer so that you can perform data recovery.

A card reader: it is advisable to insert the SD card into a card reader to plug it in the computer USB port. If you don’t have one, you can also connect the card via the USB cable.

An SD card recovery tool: it is very important to opt for a reliable and good SD card recovery tool if you want to restore all the deleted photos. Here I would like to recommend
SD card recovery software to you, with which you can recover almost all lost pictures after deleting. Besides, this software is totally free.

Step-by-Step Wizard to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Steps on how to use the first SD card recovery software

First SD Card Recovery Software

Step1, get the SD card recovery software from the download link. Install and boot the software on your computer. Connect the SD card to your computer via the card reader. Then select the "Advanced Files Recovery" module to start data recovery.

Step2, select the SD card as the target drive and click the "Recover" option. Then the software will automatically scan the card for lost files.

Step3, choose the found partitions and click "Show Files" option to preview files after scanning. All the found files will be listed in different folder according to the file types.
Step4, choose the files you need and click "Save Files" option to save them to a destination.

Steps on how to use the second SD card recovery software

Second SD Card Recovery Freeware

Step1, Insert the SD card to your computer and make sure it can be recognized as an external drive. Free download, install and launch the SD card recovery software. Then select the "Deleted File Recovery" module. On the main interface, the software shows the detailed instructions on which module you should select according to the data loss situations.
Step2, choose the SD card and click "Start Scan" option to perform scan.
Step3, the scanning process will cost several minutes or even more.
Step4, tick the files you want to recover and save the files to a path folder.

Notes on SD Card Deleted Photo Recovery
* You cannot put new files to the SD card before you perform data recovery
* You cannot save the files to the original SD card when you recover them after scanning. If you like, you can transfer the recovered the recovered files to the SD card after data is recovered successfully
* If you often backup the important data on the card, you won’t feel worried when you accidentally delete files from the card. Therefore, you had better make backup regularly.

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